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Data Destruction

The secure disposal of sensitive electronic information is a serious concern for virtually every modern business or organization, but the means of doing so is anything but universal.

eRefresh employs the DoD 5220.22-M standard of hard drive wiping prior to conducting physical destruction on site. This reduces the amount of risk for data exposure and recovery.

Capital Recovery

eRefresh has built a natural asset buying market that consists of hundreds of buyers that are all waiting to bid on recovered electronic assets and commodities. This allows eRefresh to put assets back out into the market and retrieve once "lost" value from our clients retired assets. We then share some of that value back to our client! Best of all, this keeps electronic waste out of the landfills longer and ensures we are using these assets truly to the end of their life cycle before recycling them.

No Cost

eRefresh handles all of the logistics costs associated with the disposal of our clients I.T assets. We transport them securely to our facility and triage each device to ensure it is truly at the end of its life. There is no cost for retired asset pickups nor data destruction that is carried out inside our facility.

Transparent Reporting

Fully transparent reports are automatically generated as assets move through our processing facility. Once sold a break down is cataloged and delivered directly to an e-mail inbox of your choosing for review. You can also see where your assets are at any given time (in real time!) from our client dashboard. You'll get to see virtually everything about your assets from anywhere with an active internet connection.

What type of electronics can we process?

Thanks to our dedicated refurbishing and storage facilities, we can process various types of
electronics in an efficient manner!

Computers & Accessories Smartphones &
Communications Equipment
Smartphones &
Communications Equipment
Desktop Computers,
All-In-Ones, Laptops,
Computer Towers, RAM,
Processors, Motherboards,
Monitors, Keyboards, Mice,
AV equipment and Servers.
All smartphone devices or
peripherals from all brands.
Desk phones or IP phones,
switchboards and "Walkie
Routers, POE/Non POE
Switches, Access Points, LAN
cables and various

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