Frequently Asked Questions

1How much do your services cost?
Absolutely nothing! We will pickup your electronics from your location, we will store them in our warehouse, refresh where we can, put it into our numerous sales channels and then share the profits with you.
2What kind of assets can you pick up?
You can view a list of our eligible assets on our "Services Page" located here
3How long until I get paid?
We work to provide the most streamlined and efficient handling of all assets. We typically provide profit sharing or Re-Pay™ reports every 30 days.
4How much money will I make from the eRefresh service?
Many of our client see a much greater return due to our "eRefresh" process. In which our electronics technicians will attempt to add as much value to your existing asset as possible. We do this by replacing parts, adding newer components and updating software/operating systems. Don't forget you can track your asset's journey through our processing facility every step of the way using RePay™
5How long does it take for my assets to complete the eRefresh Process?
Typically it takes about ~30 days for an asset to complete its journey through our process.
6How safe are my data storing devices?
We take data protection and privacy very seriously, that is why we wipe ALL hard drives using military grade (DoD) software and upon request: the complete physical destruction of data storage assets can be carried out.

We only use the DOD 5220.22-M (US Department Of Defense) hard drive wipe method. If each pass is not 100% verified we will physically destroy the drive.

Our wiping process is completed by one of our data destruction specialists and once wiped we will generate a certificate of data destruction for each individual drive.