About us


Who are we?

We are an organization that promotes sustainable recycling and reuse of electronics across North America! We do this by collecting used electronics from consumers and businesses, destroying all data contained on electronic devices, and donates, recycles or refreshes them for reuse and resale! (We also share profits with our clients!)

Board of Advisors

eRefresh is committed to the communities we serve across North America! We have assembled a team of connected, like-minded, “community first” thinking professionals whom share the vision of sustainability eRefresh is committed to delivering! Our regular discussions revolve around how eRefresh can continue to be an industry innovator, and remain dedicated to the betterment of our communities and environment!

eRefresh Promises

1. Courageous in helping to shape a better future.
2. Wear our clients shoes.
3. Always be transparent.
4. Relentlessly pursue excellence.
5. Deliver quality electronics.
6. Be committed to supporting our community.

Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Investing in the latest Asset Management and Electronic life cycle technology allows us to be an innovator and trend setter inside the electronic recycling and asset management market. We develop and tailor our solutions to our clients needs in house, no third party vendor reliance and no excuses.

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